Promoting your independence

Sondi Care Services

Our dedicated team provides support to clients with activities like household tasks, personal care and appointments, but still allowing them to maintain their independence in the comfort of their own home. The services we provide are tailored to the needs and objectives of our clients.

Personal Care
Our well-trained team delivers personal care while maintaining your dignity and independence throughout. We provide varying levels of care; some simple or complex in nature. Our emphasis is on promoting and enabling self-care where appropriate.
Domestic Services
As we grow older some or most of the domestic chores become challenging. We struggle to prepare a meal or clean the house. Our staff are trained to help you with your household chores, making your life comfortable. Depending on their ability, we encourage our clients to participate in the household chores with our staff.
Medication Management
Our staff are trained to administer medication to our clients. We work with the family to ensure the correct medicines and doses are given at the correct times.
Live In Care
Sondi Care Ltd provides live-in carers who actually live with your loved ones and provide them with the care they need. This could be 24 hr live-in or overnight care. This suitable for people who require more attention and regular monitoring.

We welcome any enquiries because each individual has their own unique needs.